We are an organization devoted to having fun on the water with friends. We race sailboats, cruise and party. What's not to like? There aren't any stuffed shirts in our club; any of our members will help you out if you need a hand dropping a mast or installing a fitting.

Club Information and Forms

The Old Point Comfort Yacht Club (OPCYC) is a private organization located at Fort Monroe, VA. It is dedicated to promoting safe racing and cruising, maritime training, and social camaraderie for the benefit of its members and guests. As such, the club runs more races, cruises, training programs and parties than any other on the southern Bay. Skill levels in the club run from novice to seasoned Bay, Caribbean, and Atlantic voyagers and racers. Club members have a reputation for down to earth friendliness and can be counted on to help you out on your sail or power vessel whether it is serving as crew, installing a part, or learning a new technique. The club is a vital part of the Hampton Roads maritime community and often donates to various local charities.

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'Round the Lights Race

America/New York


The fall racing event of the Southern Bay is just around the corner. The 'Round Lights Race requires skippers to draw on all their skills to read the currents, anticipate the wind shifts and trim their boats for speed. Going the "right way" is rewarded, the "wrong way" will have you finishing at the back.

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2014 Board of Officers Election & The Fall Party

2014-11-08 18:00
America/New York

OPCYC fall party is one of the most important events of the year as it is your time to cast your votes for the upcoming years Board of Directors. This year we will hold the Pot Luck event at our club on the 8th of November at six pm(1800hrs). This is the last big party of the club year and an event that should not be missed. As always, good fellowship and fantastic food will make this another great party. Please bring a dish to share and a good appetite!

Military Appreciation Weekend at The Mariners' Museum

2014-11-08 00:00
2014-11-11 23:59
America/New York

The Mariners' Museum is celebrating Veteran's Day and honoring our military with a Military Appreciation Weekend, November 8-11! More details are available at marinersmuseum.org or call (757)596-2222.

Military Appreciation Weekend
Date: November 8-11

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WANTED: Photos!

Enjoy seeing photos of good times and great adventures in The Helmsman? It can't happen without YOU! Please send in your cruising, boating, and OPCYC activities photos to share! Please send them to 'helmsman 'at' opcyc 'dot' org'.

Updating Your Information

Members: if you need to update your information, please contact the club secretary:
membership 'at' opcyc 'dot' org
You may also use the online contact form.
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