We are an organization devoted to having fun on the water with friends. We race sailboats, cruise and party. What's not to like? There aren't any stuffed shirts in our club; any of our members will help you out if you need a hand dropping a mast or installing a fitting.

Club Information and Forms

The Old Point Comfort Yacht Club (OPCYC) is a private organization located at Fort Monroe, VA. It is dedicated to promoting safe racing and cruising, maritime training, and social camaraderie for the benefit of its members and guests. As such, the club runs more races, cruises, training programs and parties than any other on the southern Bay. Skill levels in the club run from novice to seasoned Bay, Caribbean, and Atlantic voyagers and racers. Club members have a reputation for down to earth friendliness and can be counted on to help you out on your sail or power vessel whether it is serving as crew, installing a part, or learning a new technique. The club is a vital part of the Hampton Roads maritime community and often donates to various local charities.

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PMU Field Trip: Tour of Fisherman's Island

America/New York

Road Trip! Our Commodore has arranged an exclusive off-site event for us in a "Tour of Fisherman's Island". On this tour of the southernmost island of the Delmarva Peninsula, we will pass through several habitats, learn about wildlife management on refuges, explore the diversity of wildlife, and discover the rich history of Fisherman Island and the role it played during World War II. And how about a follow-up lunch at "Southern Living" recognized restaurant/gas station "Sting-Ray's"? Travel details to follow.

PMU Class: Creative Design in Canvas, Steel and "See-through Stuff

2015-01-31 09:30
2015-01-31 12:00
America/New York

Chandler and Charlene Clark from Signature CanvasMakers will present a class on "Creative Design in Canvas, Steel and "See-through Stuff"". Not only are these OPCYC members out in front in terms of material knowledge and application, but they are also award winners in design. Think your boat is not suited for a cockpit enclosure? We bet they have some really good ideas.

PMU Class: Racing for Cruisers

2015-01-24 09:30
2015-01-24 12:00
America/New York

Jeff Rogers will offer the first installment of "Racing for Cruisers". This session will establish base-line information of sailboat racing that is of value to our entire membership, as we learn/brush-up on rules, procedures, and techniques to win back the "Tri-Service Cup". Special emphasis on the non-racer and powerboat members as you will want to join in supporting activities. Expect "on-water" courses to follow as the weather warms.

5th Annual Near Coastal Safety at Sea Seminar Presented by The Mariners’ Museum and Landfall Navigation

America/New York

Come for a day-long Safety at Sea Seminar designed and conducted by sailors and experts in their fields! The seminar provides both novice and experienced mariners alike with the information and skills required to safety sail the Chesapeake Bay. Seminar topics include: Emergency Communications; Damage Control; Crew Overboard & Emergencies; The A I S System; Medical Care & Prevention; Bay Weather; Life Raft Demo & Inflation. You’ll also earn a Near Coastal Safety at Sea Certification from US Sailing! SPACE IS LIMITED! Please register early to ensure availability.

WANTED: Photos!

Enjoy seeing photos of good times and great adventures in The Helmsman? It can't happen without YOU! Please send in your cruising, boating, and OPCYC activities photos to share! Please send them to 'helmsman 'at' opcyc 'dot' org'.

Updating Your Information

Members: if you need to update your information, please contact the club secretary:
membership 'at' opcyc 'dot' org
You may also use the online contact form.
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