OPCYC 2018 Racing Program


Dana Dillon Memorial New Year's Madness Race

OPCYC Yankee Station Regatta 

Our Yankee Station Regatta consists of five internal races and four cup races. Some of the cup races are sponsored by other area clubs to foster competition. Membership in OPCYC is not required for participation in our races. The following information will be updated as the year progresses. The calendar items are "linked" for each race and each link is a separate page for that race. You can click on any item and you will be provided registration and other information about that race. That link will also contain the results as races are completed. One calendar item will be elevated to this page as races are completed so you can quickly go to all the information on the next upcoming race. Hope to see you on the water.


Thimble Shoal and Middle Ground

Yankee Station Regatta Calendar
Race Date Start Location
Dana Dillon Memorial January 1 Hampton Yacht Club
Yankee Station Series #1 May 12 Yankee Station
Yankee Station Series #2 June 9 Yankee Station
Veteran's Cup June 23 Sponsored by LYC
Yankee Station Series #3 July 7 Yankee Station
CCV Moonlight Triangle July 21 Sponsored by CCV
Pointer's Rally August 18 Yankee Station
Tri-Service Cup September 8 Yankee Station
Middle Ground Race September 22 Mill Creek
Round the Lights Race October 15 Mill Creek


Dana Dillon Memorial New Year's Madness Race

Tim Etherington          690-3178          Tim.Etherington@rockwellcollins.com         s/v Wine Down

Steve Ritz                   218-2755          SRitz@us.ibm.com                                      s/v Excelsior

Yankee Station Regatta Documents